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  • Read the Bible to Your Anxiety

    I created three labs teaching through Matthew 6:24–34 on anxiety. My objectives were both to understand how Jesus helps us overcome anxiety, but also to draw out six lessons for how to read the Bible for ourselves. With this short series, I have methodology, theology, and application in mind. Here...

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  • New Service Time + Sunday School!

    Covenant Church – Spokane Campus is changing its service time and adding Sunday School starting September 16th, so don’t miss out and show up to service at the right time! The new and updated time is below Spokane: Worship Service – 9:00am Sunday School – 10:10am Wednesday Night – 7:00pm

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  • How God Targets Your Desires

    Here is a woodenly literal translation of 1 Corinthians 10:6: “These things becametypes of us, so that we might not be desirers of evil things, as they desired.” Clumsy English, but incredibly illuminating. Paul says it again in verse 11 a little differently: “These things happened as typesto them, and...

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