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131 Reasons to Celebrate! – Covenant Christian

Covenant Christian School 2016-2017

Student Photo

Moses Lake Campus Students

Chatting students, chapel singing, fresh printed merits, newly painted desks, energetic students, bouncing basketballs, boxes of paces, new playground construction and a lot of coffee! What a great way to start of a new school year at Covenant Christian School.

September 1st marks the end of the first week of school at Covenant Christian. Both our Spokane and Moses Lake campuses have had record breaking years in new enrollments. All Glory to God! Between Spokane and Moses Lake, we have over 130 students that have been stewarded to us. The Spokane Campus is TOTALLY full. Not one free desk open! Moses Lake is also rapidly filling up to capacity. Yet not only do we get to pour into these students academically, but most importantly we get to minister to their souls through the Gospel, the Word of God.

Covenant Christian School Sports

Spokane Girl’s Volleyball 

Sports & Athletics

Spokane is already playing games for soccer and volleyball and Moses Lake is starting practice for Basketball and volleyball next week. Regional convention seems far away, but this practice will prepare us to bring home lots of medals. Both campuses are shaping up to have jam packed sports teams. On Thursday, Spokane drove down to Pullman to face-off against the Pullman Christian Eagles in Basketball and Volleyball. Be sure to show your support for our sports teams by cheering them  on at their games. A schedule will be available soon!

Covenant Christian School Chapel

Spokane Campus Chapel

God is doing powerful and amazing things in the lives of the students and staff and we are expectant for more of God’s presence, grace, wisdom and love in the coming year. Most importantly our desire is that all of our students and staff would grow in their joy in the Lord, focus on eternity, holiness, prayer, Bible reading and witnessing the Gospel to the lost. If you don’t already, get your kids enrolled or on the waiting list for Covenant Christian School in Spokane and Moses Lake!

Finally, if you haven’t already, follow us on Facebook for the latest pictures, events, info and new. Follow both our Spokane Campus Facebook and our Moses Lake Campus Facebook.

Spokane Campus

  • Pastor Ken Peters – School Principal/Pastor
  • Ms. Valencia Peters – School Administrator
  • Mr. Joshua Kelp – Upper Learning Center
  • Mr. Micah Peters – Upper Learning Center
  • Ms. Elizabeth Bremer – Lower Learning Center
  • Ms. Kristie Kelp – Lower Elementary
  • Ms. Sefrina Kaufman – Learning to Read
  • Ms. Deja Prescott – Pre-School

Moses Lake Campus

  • Pastor Seth Haberman – School Pastor
  • Ms. Alecia Stanley – School Principal/Administrator
  • Ms. Wendy Laney – Upper Learning Center
  • Ms. Katie Kent – Lower Learning Center
  • Ms. Judith Haberman – Learning to Read
  • Ms. Amy Macdonald – Pre-School
  • Ms. Cheryl Carlson – Learning Center Monitor

Covenant Christian School Boy's Basketball

Coffee Stop

Micah playing soccer

Moses Lake Chapel



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