Are You Thirsty? (John 4:1-26)

1. The World Leaves You Thirsty

There is this basic human craving for hydration. Our bodies are 55%-75% water. So when there is a shortage of water in our system, an intense thirst occurs. Thirst is the bodies natural response to a lack of water.

The world not only leaves you thirsty but it makes you more thirsty. Sin will never satisfy. The more we drink of the world the more we thirst. Sexual sin will never satisfy and the desire and perverted ways to gratify that thirst will increase.

-Immoral Sex
-Family Life
-Video Games

Without Christ, all of those things are like a mountain of shot glasses of water. We move from one to another only to quickly move onto the next glass.

This woman was obviously thirsty because of Jesus uncovering of her past and present situation.

2. Christ is an Eternal Spring of Water

Christ tells this woman that the water that He has will cause her to never thirst again. On the outward, this statement seems to be crazy. Her response is sarcastic. How could this magical water remove her need to drink more water.

He was not saying that she would never physically thirst again, but never have a longing desire in our souls to be fulfilled.

Not only does he take away our thirst, but he creates us a well springing forth.

Why? So that our well can pass on this water to other. So when we come up to someone who is dead and thirsty, we hit them with a stream of Jesus fountain.

A huge part of Jesus ministry was walking around to people and just soaking them with his water of eternal life. People followed Him because they wanted to drink of Him.

3. Drinking of Christ will take away your thirst

Your body was made to drink of water
Your soul was made to live on Christ

How in the world do you drink of Christ?

Drinking of Christ is the recognizing of Christ as the satisfying fountain of living water and coming to him in His rest to be continually and perpetually filled. Not only is our thirst taken away but Christ keeps pumping more water into us. Through prayer and worship and bible reading and evangelizing and small groups.

Setting our affections on Christ fills us up. So instead of reactively responding to the thirst of our soul, Christ fills us before we are thirsty and continues to keep us full. We do not have to seek any fulfillment from anything else in this world.

As I was writing this illustration, my wife came up to me and gave me the remainder of a bottle of water. As I took a drink of it I had to stop everything that I was doing in order to drink of the water.

The first time we drink of Him primes the pump for a never ending water supply.

Find joy, treasure and satisfaction in Christ alone. Christ is the only thing that is meant to satisfy our soul. When we turn to other things in the world, we thirst. When we do not seek to have this thirst quenched by anything other than Christ, we drink of Him.

This is why a husband and wife can leave the comforts of America to go and be a missionary in another country and give their lives. Because they have taken in deeply the water of Christ.

This is why Christians can be beheaded by ISIS and minutes before their execution can be calm and in prayer because they are about to be face to face with Christ.

Is all the worth in the world in Christ or in stuff? Do you find more value in your job than in Christ? More value in you family or spouse than Christ? Is music, entertainment, facebook, hobbies, food, sex, vacations, toys more valuable that Christ?

You have probably gotten out of relaxing in the lazy river and waited in the hot and uncomfortable line of the world only to be let down by a short tease of a ride. Ride in the lazy river that is Christ. Rest in His grace and joy.

The story moves to talking about worship. This worship parallels us finding joy and worship in Christ to satisfy our thirst.

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