Strange Joy (Philippians 1:12-21)

Preached February 8th, 2015 Philippians 1: 12-21 I. Joy in Prison II. Joy in Slander III. Joy in Death Our earnest expectation and hope should not be to be honoured of men, or to escape the cross, but to be upheld amidst temptation, contempt, and affliction. Let us leave it to Christ, which way he will make us serviceable to his glory, whether by labour or suffering, by diligence or patience, by living to his honour in working for him, or dying to his honour in suffering for him. – Matthew Henry here is a man who has negative circumstances beyond our ability to understand them, chained to a Roman soldier. And yet he’s a model of joy. Why? Because his joy isn’t related to his comfort. His joy isn’t related to his self-indulgence. His joy isn’t related to his freedoms. His joy isn’t related to his success

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