Below is a list of the individuals who are formal members of the assembly of Covenant Church.
Moses Lake Campus members are further down the list.

First Name Last Name Email Campus
Caoilfhionn Anctil Spokane
Jason Bendixen Spokane
Gabe Blomgren Spokane
Stacy Blomgren Spokane
Grant Blomgren Spokane
Ellie Blomgren Spokane
Grayson Blomgren Spokane
Cathy Jane Bobb Spokane
Janee Booey Spokane
Kyle Booey Spokane
Matt Buster Spokane
Diane Buster Spokane
Sienna Buster Spokane
Ethan Buster Spokane
Mishael Buster Spokane
Starr Cape Spokane
Steven Warren Carter Spokane
Samuel Cates Spokane
Michelle Cates Spokane
Randy Colegrove Spokane
Christi Colegrove Spokane
Kevin Corn Spokane
Deborah Corn Spokane
Ryan Corn Spokane
Buddy Crabtree Spokane
Kimberly Crabtree Spokane
Christopher Craddick Spokane
Lindsey Craddick Spokane
Isabelle Craddick Spokane
Charles Curtis Spokane
Cheryl Curtis Spokane
Olivia Mors Spokane
Caden Mors Spokane
Melvin Daughters Spokane
Misty Daughters Spokane
Taylor Daughters Spokane
Christian Daughters Spokane
Trinity Daughters Spokane
John Davis Spokane
Jonathon Eckhart Spokane
Jacquiene Eckhart Spokane
Logan Eckhart Spokane
Nathanael Eckhart Spokane
Lukas Eckhart Spokane
Raymond Egger Spokane
Sue Ann Egger Spokane
Faith Espinoza Spokane
Gabriel Espinoza Spokane
James Espinoza Spokane
Rick Espinoza Spokane
Sandy Espinoza Spokane
Johnette Ferns Spokane
Julius Fields Spokane
Sonda Fields Spokane
Lauren Fields Spokane
Destiney Gagean Spokane
Pam Gulbranson Spokane
Hikmat Hanna Spokane
L’Tanya Hanna Spokane
Am’mi Hanna Spokane
Amirah Hanna Spokane
Wendell Hanselman Spokane
Leslie Hanselman Spokane
Jerod Hansen Spokane
Whitney Hansen Spokane
Ronald Hansen Spokane
Paige Hines Spokane
Carson Hines Spokane
Carsi Johnson Spokane
Alicia Johnson Spokane
Malikhi’ Johnson Spokane
Khai’-Lee Johnson Spokane
Ju’Liska Johnson Spokane
Zaveyah Johnson Spokane
Linda Johnson Spokane
Amanda Johnson Spokane
Khristiana Johnson Spokane
Khiara Johnson Spokane
Darryl Kaufman Spokane
Sefrina Kaufman Spokane
Gordon Kaufman Spokane
Evlyn Kaufman Spokane
Joshua Kelp Spokane
Kristie Kelp Spokane
Elijah Kelp Spokane
Malakhi Kelp Spokane
Jericho Kelp Spokane
Selah Kelp Spokane
Michael LaCaze Spokane
Cau Le Lehman Spokane
Roald Le Lehman Spokane
Steve O’Connor Spokane
Jay MacPherson Spokane
Jamie MacPherson Spokane
Isaac MacPherson Spokane
Esther MacPherson Spokane
Zesty MacPherson Spokane
Leona Mallory Spokane
Rusty Matney Spokane
Deanna Matney Spokane
Trinity McLaughlin Spokane
Dave McLaughlin Spokane
Nancy McLaughlin Spokane
Richard Munsell Spokane
Char Munsell Spokane
Gabriel Mwamba Spokane
Melissa Mwamba Spokane
Ben Newcomb Spokane
Brittney Newcomb Spokane
Anastasia Newcomb Spokane
Cody Nickerson Spokane
Samantha Nickerson Spokane
Jeremiah Nickerson Spokane
Ken Peters Spokane
Valencia Peters Spokane
Micah Peters Spokane
Karis Peters Spokane
Moriahn Peters Spokane
Judah Peters Spokane
David Potter Spokane
Matthew Potter Spokane
Nicole Potter Spokane
Logan Potter Spokane
Liam Potter Spokane
Grayson Potter Spokane
Ezra Potter Spokane
Anikka Prescott Spokane
Stefan Prescott Spokane
Deja Prescott Spokane
Kasiya Prescott Spokane
Seth Priddis Spokane
Tanya Priddis Spokane
Darrell Priddis Spokane
Racheal Priddis Spokane
Zoe Priddis Spokane
Courtney Richardson Spokane
Aaron Richardson Spokane
Rebecca Riddle Spokane
Patricia Robinson Spokane
Josiah Robinson Spokane
Israel Robinson Spokane
Clay Roy Spokane
Mary Roy Spokane
Brittany Smith Spokane
Natalee Smith Spokane
Philip Spain Spokane
Kimberly Spain Spokane
Katrina Standow Spokane
Grayson Standow Spokane
Isabella Standow Spokane
Christine Stickelmeyer Spokane
Doug Stickelmeyer Spokane
Brandy Stiffler Spokane
Kyra Klotzbach Spokane
Branden Syrotchen Spokane
Brandy Syrotchen Spokane
Josiah Syrotchen Spokane
Cassandra Anctil-Taylor Spokane
Roger Taylor Spokane
Kelvin Triplett Spokane
Karisma Cronkite Spokane
Alec Sellers Spokane
Ariyana Triplett Spokane
Keathan Triplett Spokane
Dell Wige Spokane
Grant Wylie Spokane
Moriah Wylie Spokane
James Wylie Spokane
Evelynn Rose Wylie Spokane
Ray Younker Spokane
Brandon Finley Moses Lake
Collin Finley Moses Lake
Naomi Finley Moses Lake
Seth Haberman Moses Lake
Judith Haberman Moses Lake
Hannah Haberman Moses Lake
Elaine Hamilton Moses Lake
Sierra Harwood Moses Lake
Ruger Hedrick Moses Lake
Shawn Hedrick Moses Lake
Jonah Hamilton Moses Lake
Chris Kent Moses Lake
Katie Kent Moses Lake
Ashley Kent Moses Lake
Rhema Kent Moses Lake
Isaiah Kent Moses Lake
Donald Parker Moses Lake
Alecia Stanley Moses Lake
Rodney Stanley Moses Lake
Cassidy Stanley Moses Lake
Allison Stanley Moses Lake
Abigail Stanley Moses Lake
Terrance Starks Moses Lake